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Hayashi-Nishino Mitsuko
Department of Biomolecular Science and Regulation, Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University

Analysis of intracellular communication zone localization by electron tomography.

Research abstract

Eukaryotes maintain many organelles, which are compartments surrounded by lipid bilayers within cells. Due to the presence of these intracellular organelles, concentration differences of various substances are created inside and outside the membrane, and information transmission substances are stored in the organelle. In addition, it is suggested that many organelles form communication zone, exchange membranes lipids and contents. I focus on various subcellular organelles and analyze their structures and communication zone localization using both electron microscopy and electron tomography. I am also working on the development of automatic discrimination technology for multidrug-resistant bacterial image information using machine learning which has attracted attention in recent years.

Original papers

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