Planned Member


Principal Investigator
Akihiro Harada
Department of Cell Biology, Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University

Investigation of sorting zones during polarized transport in epithelial cells

Research abstract

Cell polarity depends on intracellular polarized transport. We previously observed that different apical proteins accumulated at distinct sites in mice deficient in the small GTPase Rab8. Previously, another principal investigator in this research grant, Dr. Gotoh, observed that different proteins localized at distinct Golgi apparatus in flies. Thus, in this research project, we would like to observe that different molecules (GPI-anchor proteins, glycoproteins, etc.) go through distinct zones on their way to the plasma membrane using the gene knockin and super-resolution microscope / electron microscope in collaboration with co-investigators Drs. Nishino and Kinoshita.
The main projects of our team are shown below.

(1) Observe whether glycosylation enzymes or GPI synthases localize to restricted areas (zones) of the Golgi apparatus

(2) Observe whether the zones change in mice incapable of apical transport, such as Rab8 knockout mice

(3) Identify proteins constituting the zones using BioID or other techniques to determine what proteins constitute the sorting zones

Original papers

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